Liberia is a country located in West-Africa. This country has around 4,8 million inhabitants (2018) and is a country with a humid climate and parts of the country are covered in rainforest. Liberia is one of few countries that did not get colonized and was declared as an independent republic in 1847.


English is the official language of Liberia. However, more than 30 indigenous languages are spoken there as well. English Liberian i




Spotlight is a movie based out of real events where several crimes were committed by the Boston Catholic church. The Boston Globe’s “spotlight” team of reporters were the ones who looked into the allegations of abuse in the Catholic Church where they find 87 priests who they able to find backup on their allegations and some of their victims.



I have never seen a movie about investigative journalism before and I thought it was really interesting. The way they worked has so cool and it really showed how much work the journalists put into their job and how much time it took for them. It seemed like they work 24/7. It gave me a new perspective on how journalists work and how much you can find out if you work hard enough.



The main conflict in the film is the case against the Catholic church and how the journalists work to find information and speak to the victims. They try to find proof but the church has tried to get rid of as much evidence as possible to cover the case. Also, the 9/11 attack happens right before they were about to release the story, and because of this, they needed to wait.


The novel The Kite Runner was written by the Author Khaled Hosseini. This book was published in 2003 and were made into a film in 2007. This book got a lot of attention nationally and internationally and was even published in over 40 different countries.



When I first saw the movie, I had already read the book and I could already see a difference between the two from the start. The film and the book had the same main storyline, but the book went more into the characters as a book always does. Also, the film skipped many of the important parts of the book, which made the book special, Like the cleft lip. In the book the main character where the storyteller, and we were able to get a deeper understanding of what he is experiencing, his thoughts and we had a better understanding of why he was doing the things he was doing.

Since there are so much happening in the book, it’s harder to make the viewers connect and make them see the story and understand more, but the movie is still great. A film usually lasts for 1,5-2 hours but a book you can read in a day or in a month if you read it slowly. If you have not watched the movie you should because you are still getting the main storyline, but the book is at least what I would recommend.


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I think first we could look at the main character Amir. He feels like his father never sees his potential and never think his good enough. He is completely different from his father, who is a big man who likes sports and likes to be in the company of other people. Amir is the son of a rich and well-respected man called Baba. Baba was a large man and had one of the most successful businessmen in the city of Kabul. Baba also has a best friend who is named Rahim Khan. He is the one baba tells all his secrets to, and the one Amir saw as his father figure.

Baba’s father decided he would adopt a man called Ali, but he would be treated nicely but still be learned to become a servant. Later, he had a son called Hassan, who eventually became Amir’s best friend, even though Amir would not realize it. Hassan was the one who was more like Baba, and he was always proud of what he had done. Hassan always took the blame if Amir did something wrong, and was the most loyal friend Amir ever could ask for.

Living in a multi-cultural society

Brik Lane is a movie based on a book by Monica Ali. The story is about a 17-year-old girl how is forced to leave her sister in their small-town village IN Bangladesh, to move in and marry an old man named Chanu. This movie takes place from the late 1980s and continues until around 2001 when we are able to see the 9/11. She berried one boy and ended up with two daughters. Later in the movie, she falls in love with a young man who delivers clothes and they start an affair.


Since Brick Lane is a street and London and it is known for being a place with many different cultures, but the question is, what is a multi-cultural society? You can define it in different ways, but the simplest one is that it is a place or a community with people from many different countries and religions who live together. Some of the challenges you may face when this happens can be racism and discrimination. For example, in the movie Brick Lane, gender inequality happens between Nazeem and her husband. This was already a part of their culture so many of the women who experience this won’t do anything about it.


There are also benefits in a multicultural society. For example, when you live in a society like this, you learn about new cultures and learn more about how other people than you live. In this way, you are able to develop yourself as a person and be more open to new things.




On the international day we were supposed to talk to refugees, people that have studied in Palestine or just Palestinians in general. The international day are the day prior to Operation Day’s work where we teenagers raise money to donate towards helping teenagers in certain areas with so it can help them in some degree. This year’s project was to raise money for the Palestinian teenagers.

The international day started the last four hours of our school day (right after lunch) and the first thing we did was listening to a Norwegian professor who have studied the conflict between Palestine and Israel. She gave us the summary of what has happened/what is happening now and gave us a better view on the situation in Israel/Palestine. Also, the students were able to ask her any questions about her experience visiting the state and her own views on the conflict.

After listening to the professor, we walked from room to room listening to for example refugees who told us about how they fled from their country, how hard it was living there and their experience coming to Norway. Their stories made me really appreciate my life in Norway, to be able to live a life without war, or bad conditions. This also made me thing more and really appreciate what I have here at home.